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Learning Medical Phenomenon using Animated Illustrations

The world is rejoicing the awarding success in the field of medication. Ever decreasing death rates and curing diseases have proved their triumph in this field. But the sedentary life style’s callous effects are the foremost cause behind the contraption of new diseases and complexities for the human bodies can also not be overlooked. Human bodies are still adapting themselves with the rapidly changing environments. Compared to our ancestors, we consume lesser of health escalating food and with ready-to-do technologies our body moments have also declined to almost negligible. Metabolic syndrome being one of the dreadful diseases these days, affects as many as 25 percent of the population.


Metabolic syndrome is the name given to the cluster of metabolic abnormalities. This is also called metabolic syndrome X, cardio metabolic syndrome, syndrome X, insulin resistance syndrome and Raven’s syndrome. The main features of metabolic syndrome include insulin resistance, high blood pressure, abnormalities in cholesterol levels and an increased risk of cardiac problems like blood clotting and heart attacks etc. overweight people are more prone to metabolic syndrome. It is marked by raised blood sugar level, abnormal lipid and blood pressure count. It also causes ovule secretion in women.


There are many things responsible for the occurrence of metabolic syndrome, the chief causes are:

1. SEDATORY LIFESTYLE: Lifestyle these days is becoming easier consisting of lesser and lesser body moments. Lives being stressful and demanding, all your attention have left you with no time to exercise resulting in lower metabolic rates and high fats and cholesterol level in the body inviting many diseases.

2. AGEING: Ageing is an inevitable process. It is slow decomposition of body resulting in damage of many metabolic systems. With increasing age, digestion of food becomes difficult. Also the heart becomes weaker giving birth to diseases like varying blood pressure and arthritis which are also major causes of metabolic syndrome.

3. OBESITY: Obesity itself is a parasitic syndrome which acts as a honey for the bees of other diseases like arthritis, thyroid, diabetes and other heart and circulatory problems. An obese person’s lifestyle automatically gets an unhealthy turn. Obesity, especially, abdominal obesity is amongst the favorable sites for metabolic syndrome.

4. DIABETES: Diabetes and metabolic syndrome are linked up with each other. Metabolic syndrome makes the patient prone to Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes also weakens the body to get attacked by group of diseases in the form of metabolic syndrome.


Get rid of heavy weight by adopting exercises as an essential ingredient of your daily life. Eat food consisting of lesser of fats and oils to take control of cholesterol level. Reduce blood pressure level with medicines, losing weight and appropriate food. Reduce calorie intake by 5,000 to 10,000 from regular intake. Keeping oneself away from intake of alcohol and other addictives is a smart step to remain healthy. Not smoking and trying to in take fish oils in one’s diet are healthy steps. Exercises should be adapted for short interval of time, not more than 30 minutes especially in old-age. Regular check-ups of sugar and blood pressure can be of good help.

Wise and healthy lifestyle can keep you away from all kind of diseases making you a healthier person. Small and healthy adaptations can leave you with a longer and worthy life to live.

For more information related to this please visit : metabolic syndrome and medical animation

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